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What is liveaboards24.com ?
You are a diver? You want to explore the most beautiful remote diving spots in the world? Then there is no better way than going Liveaboard. This website will give you all the information you need to find the ship, the route and dates tailored to your particular needs.

Currently this website is under construction. So you will not find all agents, descriptions of the boats and photos yet. But the tours already released on Liveaboards24.com are reliable. We will soon be able to provide you with all the data you need to plan your next liveaboard trip.
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What can liveaboards24.com do for you ?
On our website you will find some of the best dive boats in the world. Just choose your favourite destination and prefered traveltime and search for your trip. Liveaboards24.com will show you a variety of dive boats with their current routes, schedules and availability regularly updated. Additionally there are brief descriptions of the boats and the service on board.

You want to book a trip? A simple click will bring you directly in contact with several travel agents in charge or even to the boat, so you can choose your favourite way of booking immediately.
Who is liveaboards24.com ?
This website is designed and owned by Schöner Tauchen, one of the leading German travel agents specialized in dive tours. It is our intention to give divers and boat operators a platform to get easily in contact. Nevertheless the boat operators are responsible for the given information and updates on Liveaboards24.com
Who can participate ?
Dive boat operators from all around the world can post the data of their tours on Liveaboards24.com, so divers are able to get in contact with the boat and book the trip. The operators must make sure that Routes, schedules and availabilities of the trips are always up to date. Travel agents worldwide have the opportunity to use all the information given on this website. If you want, your company logo will be displayed here on this website, so the customers will be directly connected with you. You have chartered a vessel and there is still free space? Post your diving tour on this site and find people to join your trip.

If you are interested please contact us for details !!!
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