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Type of boat: Luxury live aboard, double steel hull, 3 engines each 420 hp.
Ocean Rover has been surveyed to the following international standards:IMO (International Maritime Organization), SOLAS (Saftey of Live at Sea), ISM (International Safety Managment), ISPS (International Code for the Security of Ship & Port Facilities)gines each 430 hps.
Length: 100 ft/30 m
Beam: 26 ft/8 m
Speed: 1o kn
Guests: 16
Crew: 13 crew, 4 of them are dive guides, 1 European Cruise Director, all crew memebrs know how to handle with uw-housings
Cabins: 8
Cabin Facilities: 6 cabins with double bed plus 1 extra bunk bed, 2 cabins with single bunk beds.
All cabins are equipted with ensuit bathroom, hot shower, toilet, individually remote controlled AC,hairdryer
Amenities: Salon:
Huge flatscreen, Satelite radio, CD/DVD player, libaray with German and English books, marine life libary, guests computer with email service, refreshing center, AC, large camera charging stations,
Refreshing center with Espresso machine and ice maker, traditional massage service, satelite radio, longchairs,
Dive deck:
Enough place for 16 divers. Each diver has his own place. Camera tables, water dispend
Whale deck:
This deck offers a huge flat area from where you could step easy and safe into the zodiac
3 Bauer compressors, Nitrox membran system (32 %), 50tanks each 80 cft/11,33 l.
Up to 5 dives/day in small groups (1 guide/4 guests).
2x130 gl/day (2x5000 l/day)
3500 nm

Tenders: 2 Zodiacs with Yamaha 40 hps
Meals & Drinks: All meals in bufet style. Western and Asian cuisine, special diats possible, vegitarian food available.
All soft drinks and juices are included. Not included is beer and wine.
Snacks, brownies or cakes are served between the dives in the afternoon.
The refreshment center on sun deck has an espresso machine and several kinds of coffees and teas.
Water dispenders are on the sun deck and the dive deck.
Payment onboard:
Electricity onboard: The whole boat has 220 V/ 50 Hz.
The camera charging stations are also equipped with 110 V/60 Hz.
Adapters for several kinds of pluges are on board.
Generators: 2x75 kW, 1x10 kW
Elcectricity around the clock.
Security: 2 life rafts, life jackets in each cabin, oxygen tanks with 4 connections, defibrilator, first aid kids,
Board Electronics: 2x Radar, 3x GPS, 2 compasses, 2x Ecosounder, Ship Identification, 2x VHF Radio, electronic sea maps, 2x Satelilte communication, email access,
Rates & Booking Conditions
Rates Remarks: Have a look to The rates depends on the cruise.

This page shows all Ocean Rover cruise departures in chronological (date) order. Simply scroll down to find the cruise dates that fit your schedule. An on-line booking form as well as booking and cancellation conditions can be found near the bottom of this page.

Cruise# Departing Disembarking Days/Nights USD Price Remarks
TO-96 Mon 7-May, 5pm Mon 21-May, 8am 13 / 14 $5,460
NS-97 Mon 21-May, 5pm Fri 26-May, 8am 4 / 5 $1,680
TA-98 Mon 28-May, 5pm Mon 11-Jun, 8am 13 / 14 $5,490
PA-99 Fri 15-Jun, 5pm Mon 25-Jun, 8am 9 / 10 $3,780
SA-100 Fri 29-Jun, 5pm Wed 11-Jul, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
SA-101 Mon 16-Jul, 5pm Fri 27-Jul, 8am 10 / 11 $4,200
NS-102 Wed 1-Aug, 5pm Sat 11-Aug, 8am 9 / 10 $3,780
NS-103 Wed 15-Aug, 5pm Mon 25-Aug, 8am 9 / 10 $3,780
SA-104 Wed 29-Aug, 5pm Mon 10-Sep, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
NS-105 Wed 12-Sep, 5pm Mon 17-Sep, 8am 4 / 5 $1,680
HA-106 Wed 19-Sep, 5pm Mon 1-Oct, 8am 11 / 12 $5,500
RA-107 Thu 4-Oct, 5pm Wed 17-Oct, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
CB-108 Mon 22-Oct, 5pm Sun 4-Nov, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000 Sorong -Cenderawasih Bay- Biak
CB-109 Thu 8-Nov, 5pm Tue 21-Nov, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000 Biak -Cenderawasih Bay- Sorong
RA-110 Sat 24-Nov, 5pm Wed 5-Dec, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000
HA-111 Fri 7-Dec, 5pm Wed 19-Dec, 8am 11 / 12 $5,500

Cruise# Departing Disembarking Days/Nights USD Price Remarks
HA-112 Sat 29-Dec, 5pm Wed 9-Jan, 8am 10 / 11 $5,500
RA-113 Sat 12-Jan, 5pm Fri 25-Feb, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
AM-114 Mon 28-Jan, 5pm Sun 10-Feb, 8am 13 / 14 $6,600 Sorong Raja Ampat- Banda Islands- Lucipara Islands- Ambon
TR-115 Thu 14-Feb, 5pm Tue 26-Feb, 8am 11 / 12 $5,500
TR-116 Sat 2-Mar, 5pm Wed 13-Mar, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000
RA-117 Sat 16-Mar, 5pm Wed 27-Mar, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000
AM-118 Fri 29-Mar, 5pm Thu 11-Apr, 8am 12 / 13 $6,600 Sorong-Raja Ampat-Banda Islands-Lucipara Islands-Ambon
AM-119 Mon 15-Apr, 5pm Fri 26-Apr, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000 Ambon - Raja Ampat - Sorong
MO-120 Mon 29-Apr, 5pm Sat 11-May, 8am 11 / 12 $5,500 Exploration cruise: Sorong - Morotai - Bitung
TA-121 Fri 17-May, 5pm Wed 29-May, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
TO-122 Sat 1-Jun, 5pm Fri 14-Jun, 8am 12 / 13 $5,040
SA-123 Mon 17-Jun, 5pm Sat 29-Jun, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
NS-124 Mon 1-Jul, 5pm Wed 10-Jul, 8am 8 / 9 $3,360
SA-125 Mon 15-Jul, 5pm Sat 27-Jul, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
NS-126 Mon 29-Jul, 5pm Sat 10-Aug, 8am 11 / 12 $4,620
HA-127 Wed 14-Aug, 5pm Sat 24-Aug, 8am 9 / 10 $3,780
NS-128 Mon 26-Aug, 5pm Wed 4-Sep, 8am 8 / 9 $3,360
HA-129 Fri 6-Sep, 5pm Wed 18-Sep, 8am 11 / 12 $5,500
RA-130 Sat 21-Sep, 5pm Fri 4-Oct, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
AM-131 Mon 7-Oct, 5pm Fri 18-Jun, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000
TR-132 Mon 21-Oct, 5pm Sun 3-Nov, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
TR-133 Tue 5-Nov, 5pm Fri 15-Nov, 8am 9 / 10 $4,500
RA-134 Tue 19-Nov, 5pm Mon 2-Dec, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
MO-135 Thu 5-Dec, 5pm Wed 18-Dec, 8am 12 / 13 $6,000
HA-136 Sat 28-Dec, 5pm Mon 8-Jan, 8am 10 / 11 $5,000

NS - North Sulawesi Diving Cruises
Includes: Lembeh Strait, Bunaken Marine National Park, Bangka I, Biaro I, Siau I, Popo.
SA - North Sulawesi (including Sangihe) Diving Cruises
Includes: Lembeh Strait, Bunaken, Bangka I, Biaro I, Siau I, Kahakitang I, Sangihe Achipelago.
RA - Raja Ampat Diving Cruises
Includes: Kri I, Kawe I, Wai I, Gam I, Batanta I, Gag I, Waigeo I, Fam I.
Prices Include:
Unlimited diving, on board accommodation in twin share cabin, all meals and snacks, softdrinks,
tanks and weights/belts, airport or hotel transfers and experienced dive leader services.
NOT Included:
Port & Park Fees (may change on 30 days notice),
Nitrox fills, dive gear rental, alcoholic beverages and fuel surcharge.

Fuel Surcharges
NS-Cruises US$ 150, SA-Cruises US$ 200 and RA-Cruises US$ 250
Fuel surcharge is payable only in cash on departure day for all
cruises starting after 1 January 2009.
Fuel surcharges are subject to change on 30 days notice.

Group Charters: Half Boat (8 places): Pay for 7 places and receive 1 extra place FOC.
Full Boat (16 places): Pay for 14 places and receive 2 extra places FOC.

Important Notes: Non-Divers 10% Discount On All Cruises
All Itineraries NOT RECOMMENDED for Inexperienced Divers
Proof of Dive Injury Insurance is COMPULSORY for All Diving Passengers
Proof of Medical Evacuation (Air) Insurance is COMPULSORY for All Passengers
Click for Information about Dive Insurance Click for a Currency Converter

Rates include: Transfer airport/resort to ship and return.
Accommodation in twin share cabin.
Fullboard with all snacks and softdrinks.
Up to 5 guided dives per day, tanks, weight and weightbelts, expierenced dive leader service
Rates not included: Harbor and Marine Park Fees, fuel surcharge, Nitrox, alcoholic beverages, dive gear rental, tips.
For details have a look to
Booking conditions: Please have alook to or send an email to
We strongly recommend clients obtain cancellation insurance!
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